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Company team

The organizational structure of the company contributes to the efficiency of the entire process.


The preparation for a given collection starts approximately a year before the collection is be accessible in our stores.


All starts with a review of fashion trends, selection of materials and accessories, design of samples, presentation of collections before our sales representatives and so on until collections reach our customers.


Of course this would not have been possible if KENSOL did not have such a good and solid team in all company departments.


There are work groups specialized in all fields in our company:

  • Production

    It includes various departments, involved in the production of our fashion collections. Design, cutting and sewing are the three major production sectors.

  • Management sector

    It includes all departments directly connected with the smooth functioning of the organization, such as export/import, administration, communications, human resources, internal control, graphic design, store windows decoration, interior design, merchandising, etc.

  • Logistics

    Logistics is focused on receiving, storage and forwarding of goods, with the purpose of fast distribution and automatic exchange of in stock availability in all our stores.

  • IT systems sector

    The goal of this sector is to ensure, support and service the IT needs of the company and stores in two aspects – equipment and programming.


Our team in stores

With the course of time we have established solid harmonious and friendly working atmosphere in stores. This is thanks to the team that has been formed.


The secret of KENSOL's success is quite simple – respect and kind attitude!


Hierarchy barriers are minimized within the company structure in order to encourage respectful treatment of all employees. Exactly these harmonious relations contribute for the good atmosphere our customers enjoy while shopping.


KENSOL wants every single team member to love their job and feel motivated.


Regarding Regulation (ЕU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 27-th of April 2016 regarding the protection of individuals regarding personal data processing and regarding the free distribution of such ones, KENSOL undertakes to maintain a high protection standard for your personal data which you submit at the company web site and possibility for data administration and the consent for their processing in order to meet the requirements of the new European rules on personal data protection.


Here you will find out how KENSOL treats your personal data as administrator and also how to control your preferences and settings regarding this treatment. The new Regulation comes with a number of requirements which KENSOL applies.

All this, thanks to which a given user may be identified, is considered as personal data. This may be e-mail, names, mobile phone, residence address, IP address.


KENSOL collects by its users the following:
Name, user name, e-mail address, telephone number, region of location, address


KENSOL does not grant the right for use, does not sell, does not disclose and does not share information about you (personal data according the meaning of GDPR) by other persons or by non-associated companies unless this is necessary in order to render you the ordered services and when you have granted your consent.

Your data (name, telephone, residence region and address) are submitted to SPEEDY JSC for the performance of the courier service according the General terms and conditions.


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We use "cookies" on this website with the purpose of providing its accessibility and usability, granting particular functions, improving its operation and analyzing information about the users conduct at its use. In the "cookies" are not stored any personal data. By the "cookies" KENSOL may not identify you.

The information collected by "cookies" is usually used in summarized form which affords us to optimize the web site and to improve its structure, functionality and contents.


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