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The company was established in 1991 and has grown rapidly and successfully in establishing its brand KENSOL. This is a brand for design, manufacturing and sale of women's clothing and accessories.


Presently the company employs over 220 employees, 190 of whom are in the production facility based in Ruse, Bulgaria. The team consists of young enthusiastic people, 90% of whom are women.


The production facility has a total area of ​​3500 m2 and consists of design and research, production and control, logistics, administration, accounting, IT system departments, etc.

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Brand DNA

The brand name is made up by two separate words "KEN" and "SOL", originating from ancient German.


"KEN" is a word that means "can" and "know". It also stands for the power of analyses, of significant progress, deliberate growth and development.


"SOL" means impossible possibility. This word was also used for "power", similar to the sun's power and "goal" – the goal of one's soul, of hope and ultimate outcomes.

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The organizational structure of the company contributes to the efficiency of the entire process.


The preparation for a given collection starts approximately a year before the collection is be accessible in our stores.


All starts with a review of fashion trends, selection of materials and accessories, design of samples, presentation of collections before our sales representatives and so on until collections reach our customers.

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The key to our success

The goal of KENSOL consists of four major aspects that contribute to our success: concept, team, and quality and logistics system.


KENSOL concept is based on an alliance between a quality product with an original design and a consistent brand image. Dressing women in modern, urban style clothing and meeting their needs with respect to clothes and accessories is what we have been working on since the establishment of the company. This lays the foundation of our success.

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